• OPIS:
  • - Suitable for beginner to pro athlete:
  • - Latest generation sports drink with 2: 1 fructose
  • - Recommended consumption up to 90g of this carbohydrate mix per hour:
  • - Carbohydrates with electrolytes for maintaining endurance performance*:
  • - Helps maintain hydration during exercise*:
  • - Race proven in the World’s toughest events:
  • - Light tasting and refreshing:
  • - With natural flavours. No artificial colours, preservatives or sweeteners EnergySource is a new generation sports drink for use during exercise. It contains a carbohydrate formulation of maltodextrin and fructose in a ratio of 2: 1 and key electrolytes. Many of the world’s leading event organisers and Pro athletes choose award-winning EnergySource for success in the toughest endurance events. Research suggests that you should consume a maximum of 60g carbohydrate per hour from traditional sports drinks. The recommended intake for new generation Energy Source with 2
  • “The advanced 2: 1 blend, attractive taste and price will win many friends”
  • Score: 92% – BEST ON TEST
  • 220 Triathlon, January 2014 “High5’s Energy Source proved to be one of the most popular drinks on the test. With a sweet but inoffensive taste, EnergySource is easy to drink consistently throughout a ride or race.”:
  • Cycling Plus, Summer 2013 Best Performance Product 2011:
  • Functional Sports Nutrition “Having used EnergySource during stage races we know that it performs well, and our testers commented on how easy it is to drink”:
  • Triathlon Plus, July 2013 “This really is a very good product and is perfect for rapid hydration and fast fuelling. Tastes good and mixes well. What’s not to like?”:
  • Cycling Active June 2012 DOSAGE & USAGE:
  • To benefit from 2: 1 fructose drinks you must use them correctly. Our High5 Advanced Nutrition Guides are sports specific, cover every major event distance and provide you with a step-by-step nutrition strategy for your particular body weight.
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